TRANSGERMA Riedl & Kiehntopf arranged the transport of a dismantled boiler bridge from the south of Germany to Vitoria, Brazil. Our client, a specialist in the area of road transportation of project cargoes and one of the big players on the Brazilian Heavy Lift market, purchased the special equipment from his German supplier. During the extensive periode of obtaining the import permit in Brazil, which took longer than expected, we remained in stady contact with the shipper and consignee. This extra time was required to plan the transports in detail since all pieces were unpacked apart from the containers! In total there were 7 loose parts of machinery with a max. unit weight of 50 tons, and 3 x 40’ shipper’s owned containers stuffed with accessories. The road as well as the ocean transport had to be planned with particular focus on the lashing/ securing of the pieces both on truck for road and the MAFI trailer for ocean transport. During the phase of preparation communication with the German supplier was the key in order to understand the characteristics of the cargo. Finally, all cargo reached the Brazilian destination via load port Hamburg by RoRo vessel without any damages thanks to a brilliant preparation and an excellent cooperation between all parties involved.