TRANSGERMA arranged the FOB delivery of an exhaust gas boiler (560 x 560 x 520 cm, 70 ton) from Zagreb, Croatia via Rijeka to Trieste, Italy. For the first part of the transport from Zagreb to Rijeka, the boiler was moved by truck in a disassembled mode, reducing the overall height to 450 cm. After assembling works in Rijeka port, the second part of the transport to Trieste was effected on a barge, towed by a tug boat.

An important part of this operation was done already some weeks before the first transport started: In close collaboration with the client and subcontractors, TRANSGERMA worked out the best possible transport solution by providing consulting services, such as options, routings and limitations for the road transport, ideas, how a reduce of cargo dimensions could enable the road transport as well as  alternatives like the barge transfer between Rijeka and Trieste. This lead to the solution, which was finally agreed and accomplished.